Miracles Lite Computer

Miracles Lite Computer


Miracles follows a structured core curriculum designed to help students reach certain milestones in technology, education and life skills.

The seven-year curriculum begins in sixth-grade and continues through 12th grade. It draws upon the best technology, educational and life skills software and online offerings to deliver an integrated program that is age and skill appropriate for each student. The core areas are:


Technology Skills– basic understanding of technology and the Internet, and familiarity with standard office software, building toward certification in systems, networks, database development, programming specialization in web and graphic design, which leads to job opportunities for at-risk youth in San Antonio.


Education– with a particular focus on the development and refinement of reading and math skills.


Life Skills– behavior skills, including, citizenship, communications and team work. To help students become productive and engaged members in the community.


Miracles classes are held a minimum of 6 hours each week during the school year with a class of 20 students led by rigorously trained instructors. Upon completion of the 7-year program it is expected that students will:


1.Graduate from high school at or above grade level in reading and math skills,

2.Have the skills to enter college or the work force; and

3.Have the skills to pass a professional technology certification exam.




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