Computer Technology

Computer Technology



Computer Technology– is offered to students in the after school programs as both a skill and as an instructional tool.


Computer Technology Skills– Students develop a basic understanding of technology and the Internet, especially for research and report writing. The students also become familiar with standard office software, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint building towards proficiency which leads to job opportunities for at-risk youth in San Antonio.


Computer Technology as an Instructional Tool – is offered to students in the after school program with a particular focus on the development and refinement of reading and math skills. Students are able to access various programs that develop and enhance their achievement in math and reading.


MIRACLES Lite: an intensive computer technology program, designed to build educational and life skills for under-served students, was offered at Brentwood Middle School.   Students began in the sixth grade and continued through high school graduation. Structured, instructor-led and outcome-based, the program provided inner-city students with access to the Internet and various software programs to build technology skills for employability and increase reading and math skills. The MIRACLES Students took the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification examinations administered at St. Philip’s College. The last class of MIRACLES students graduated from high school in 2012.