Program Priorities


Program Priorities

The Greater San Antonio After-School All-Stars conducts after-school programs in 35 schools located in the Edgewood and San Antonio Independent School Districts, Inner City Games, and computer technology both as a skill and as an instructional tool.


The programs conducted by the Greater San Antonio After-School All-Stars are:


After-School Programs are offered in 35 schools; 11 are in the Edgewood and 24 in the San Antonio Independent School Districts. The comprehensive programs consist of an innovative academic component delivered by certified teachers and teaching assistants and an enrichment component in fine arts, music, dance, youth development, wellness and physical fitness.   These programs are offered for two and a half to three hours, Monday through Friday, following the end of the regular school day.   The annual Fiesta Medal Design Contest focuses on student creativity and enhances self-esteem.   A sample of a winning medal is enclosed. A list of the after-school campuses is included.


Inner City Games: a collaborative effort with the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department, the San Antonio Sports Foundation, and local businesses, sponsors 25-30 summer sporting events free of charge to all students, ages 7-17 in San Antonio. Participating students are awarded Olympic style medals, tee shirts, refreshments and celebrations. Inner City Games provides young people with positive choices that are fun, healthy, and challenging. Learning and participation, not winning and competition, is emphasized.


Computer Technology – is offered to students in the after school programs as both a skill and as an instructional tool. Students develop a basic understanding of computer technology and the Internet, especially for research and report writing. The students also become familiar with standard office software, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint building towards proficiency which leads to job opportunities for at-risk youth in San Antonio. Computer technology as an instructional tool is offered to students with a particular focus on the development and refinement of reading and math skills. Students are able to access various programs that develop and enhance their achievement in math and reading.